Dr.Laura Pressley

Dr. Laura Pressley is a former candidate for the Austin City Council in 2014. In 2019, Dr. Pressley prevailed in a historic election integrity case in the Texas Supreme Court and she will be discussing her case and the legal precedent that now impacts all candidates in Texas. She contested her 2014 election results and discovered evidence of electronic voting corruption in Travis County and that Travis and many Texas counties are not following state laws with regard to backup records to validate electronic voting results. In her Texas Supreme Court case, Dr. Pressley cited constitutional ballot numbering violations associated with electronic voting machines in Texas. Supporting her claims, Attorney General Ken Paxton's office submitted an Amicus Curiae Brief to the Texas Supreme Court confirming the serious issues Dr. Pressley raised in her case.

The Texas Supreme Court supported Dr. Pressley's claims that vote tabulation irregularities and illegalities in her election had legal merit and were evidence that could be used by future candidates contesting election results. For the first time, the Texas Supreme Court said that evidence such as corruption error messages recorded by computerized central accumulator tabulation audit logs, the absence of backup records such as zero and results tapes, statistical data analyses, and other technical records may be raised in an election contest to challenge computerized election results are questionable. The Court also reversed almost $100,000 in sanctions that were levied against Dr. Pressley by two lower courts because she raised the above evidentiary and legal issues in her 2014 election contest.

Dr. Pressley has given over 280 presentations in the last three years across the state on the technical details of how Texas' electronic voting machines are not adhering to state laws and how the Texas Secretary of State's Election Division is providing unconstitutional waivers to election law regarding electronic voting machines.

With all the election integrity issues being reported across our state, Texans have had enough. We are ready to take back our power at the voting booth and Dr. Pressley has formed True Texas Elections, LLC to support candidates, voters and PAC's to ensure honest elections in Texas.

Dr. Pressley is a native Texan, a Republican Party Precinct Chair in Travis County, the Founder and Vice-Chair of the Travis County Republican Party Election Integrity Committee. She earned her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from UT Austin and was an engineer and gross margin business manager in the semiconductor industry in Austin for 17 years. She holds 4 US patents on semiconductor device technology and is the co-author of numerous peer reviewed scientific articles.

Dr. Pressley has appeared on the CBS Early Show, Good Morning Austin, Roger Stone's Stone Cold Truth show, and many others. She has testified as a citizen's advocate to the Texas Senate and House on election and technology issues and has served on the Executive Committees of several boards in Austin.


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