Justice David Puryear

Justice David Puryear is a 62 year-old fifth-generation Texan and senior justice on the Texas third Court of Appeals. Central Texans elected Justice Puryear to the Third Court of Appeals in 2000, and re-elected him in 2006 and 2012. This makes him the senior and longest serving justice on the Third Court, as well as one of the longest serving appellate judges in the state of Texas. During this time, he has issued well over 2,500 written opinions.

Justice Puryear ranked 1st in total opinion production among all Texas appellate court justices in both 20l5 and 20l6 according to the Texas Office of Court administration which compiles state court data. Justice Puryear also serves on the Texas multi-district litigation panel, by appointment of the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.

Justice Puryear, a fifth-generation Texan, is a proven conservative who understands that judges should interpret and apply the law, not legislate from the bench. Puryear is ?rmly committed to the rule of law and his decisions are guided by law and fact, rather than by personal opinion or policy considerations. Justice Puryear holds a strong belief in the principles of limited government, personal responsibility and protection of individual liberties.

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